Kristyn Dors portrait 2021.jpg

I am a portrait artist and surface designer based in Durham, North Carolina. My portraiture focuses on creating paintings and drawings of women, derived from the imagination, and set against flat color or patterned backgrounds. The scale of my work ranges from the somewhat small to the very tiny, and incorporates both realism and graphic elements.

My design work focuses on geometric abstraction and playing with scale and color. After a decade as a surface designer for women's equestrian apparel, I am concentrating on designing for textiles, apparel and home goods.

I grew up in Stoughton, Massachusetts and graduated from Boston University in 2001 with a BFA in Painting. In 2002 I moved to Los Angeles, where I found myself influenced by the abundance of street art and murals, and of course the city's vibrant creative energy. In 2020 I moved to beautiful Durham, North Carolina, where I live with my husband, John, and our two dogs, Georgia and Penny.