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I LOVE MY AMAZING BODY – Children's Book

I LOVE MY AMAZING BODY – Children's Book


"I Love My Amazing Body" is a children's book encouraging confidence and body appreciation. Written by Jocelyn Scofield, and illustrated by me, Kristyn Dors.

Jackie is a spunky young girl with untamed curly hair, and a silly and playful personality. She's confident and joyful, and loves herself and her body. Jackie takes the reader through each body part describing all the things she loves to do with her amazing body. With her fingers she loves to play piano. With her hips she loves to hula hoop. With her arms she loves to hug her dog, Buddy. The book is interactive, with a fun question on each page to engage the reader and get them thinking and moving: What can you balance on your head? What do you love to draw? How high can you stretch your arms? The book can be read several different ways: in or out of order, all at once or a little at a time. This book is a delightful and fun way to teach children to love their bodies starting at an early age.


  • Hardcover, 40 pages
  • Measures 8 3/4"w x 11 1/4"h
  • Printed in California, United States
  • Free standard shipping within the United States.


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